Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week!

Updated: Apr 27

We have special events going on all week from May 2-6, 2022 to show the Elmhurst staff how awesome they are.

Here is a quick view of their favorite things, to see a full list and know if your teacher loves candles or has too many (and lots of other great info) click on the spreadsheet link at the bottom of the page.

Teachers TK - 5


Favorite snacks, drinks and sweets

Favorite Color and sports team

Dream destination

Mitchell (TK)

**missing list**

Kircher (TK)

Peanut butter pretzels, dark chocolate almonds, iced latte, chocolate chip cookies

Green and the Lakers

Maui and Mexico

Sebek (K)

Cheese and crackers, chocolate, diet coke, cookies, lemon bar, blueberry bar,

Dodgers and Green

NYC, DC and Hawaii

Webb (K)

Chips and salsa, cookies, cinnamon rolls, unsweetened iced tea

Blue and pink

Across the US

Small (1)

**allergic to avocado ** Enjoys: cheez-its, brownie bites, starbucks, la croix,

Yellow and Green

Berry (1)

**allergic to shellfish** Enjoys: charcuterrie, Lindor white chocolate balls, vanilla latte, diet coke, la croix, iced tea

Pink, surfing


Smith (1/2)

**Vegetarian** Fruits, veggies, Reeses & M&M's, water, sprite, hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies


All 50 States

Lockwood (2)

almonds, peanut M&Ms, Vanilla coffee, bubbly water, sugar cookies

49ers, Oakland As, Blue

Italy, NYC, Texas, Nashville, Seattle


popcorn, candy, lemonade, tea, cookies, cakes, pies

Green and Dodgers


Portera (2)

Nuts, chocolate, french roast, hibiscus tea, sparkling water, brownies

Blue and Green

England for garden tours