Long Term Projects

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Elmhurst Butterfly Garden Maintenance

The goal of the Elmhurst butterfly garden is a multi-functional space for Elmhurst students and staff, as well as the local area, to enjoy. The garden can function as a learning tool for students to learn about native plants and see the lifecycle of butterflies in action. 


Our proximity to Camino Real park is perfect for the garden to act as a monarch waystation, and if our garden is planted properly we can apply for Monarch waystation certification.

The garden will also act as a space of calm and inspiration.  Planting various flowers to bloom year round and an inspirational mural can uplift all who visit.

Our goal is to raise $2,000 for this project.  We will also gratefully accept donations of supplies: gravel, decomposed granite, native, low water plants, paint and painting supplies.

Elmhurst Playground Upgrades
Each year Elmhurst holds a spring fundraiser, the Ninja Eagle Warrior obstacle course.
For the 2019-2020 school year, our goal was to raise funds to upgrade our playground equipment, which is in stages of disrepair. Additionally we wanted to add inclusive elements to make the playground truly a place for all to have fun.
Unfortunately, the shut-down due to COVID-19 meant our fundraiser was canceled.
While we hope to hold an even bigger event next year, we are continuing to accept funds for this campaign. 
Our goal is $15,000 for this project.
We will post a design soon.