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Teachers & Staff 

Welcome to Elmhurst Appreciation Month!

We want you to know how much we appreciate you, even though COVID restrictions have made things a little more challenging. We hope you enjoy and check back daily for raffle updates and more fun!


During Appreciation Week we will be raffling off 2 mystery bags per day. Mystery bags are themed and have some amazing donated items. Winners will be announced in the morning on here, and our social media accounts.  Winners will also be notified by e-mail. Mystery bags will be distributed May 10-14.

Be on the look out for "pop-up" raffles throughout the rest of the month! We will be raffling off gift cards, items, and even our new limited-edition lunch bags!

Mystery Bag Winners
Mon: Leticia Gomez, Kelli Mora, Deanna Peacock
Tues: Melissa Miller, Nichole Mulholland, Melyssa Soto
Wed: Rebekah Golson, Kim Lockwood, Maritza Mireles
Thurs: Tiffany Brown, Dolores Nates, Lisa Webb
Fri: Maria Calderon, Kelly Sebek, Sara Small

Pop-Up Raffle Winners
One smart cookie cookies: Suzanne Brenner, Kendall Wightman
Lunch bag: Ariana Guerrero
$20 gift card Cafe Ficelle: Kathy Crowder
Massage gift certificate: Deanna Baczek
$25 Regency gift card: Jessica McCurdy
Jafra foot spa set: Minoo Osqueezadeh
$20 Simone's gift card: Lindsay Smith


Staff Shout-Outs

Our staff shout-out board is up in the lounge! Distance staff can download and fill out the shout out card below and e-mail it to us at  We'll be sharing some shout-outs here as they come in.

shout out 3.jpg

Getting to Know YOU!

We asked all teachers and staff to complete a Getting to Know You form. Forms were used to help parents get gift ideas and helped us get to know you all a little better.  Here are some interesting facts based on your submissions!

Dream Locales

Europe and Italy were the top locales chosen by you, but some are ready to get out, ANYWHERE!  Can you guess which of you chose Antarctica?

Who You Rooting For?

While some of you prefer watching your kids play sports or prefer other hobbies, many of you are proud to support your pro team. 

Gimme Those Baked Goods!

Most of you weren't too picky when it came to baked goods, but brownies and cookies were the top choices, and with good reason!

Favorite Color

It seems like a basic question, but some of your answers were anything but basic!  Can you guess who picked camouflage as their favorite color?

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